We FOCUS on Simplicity , Productivity and Creativity.  Products are cloud based.

1. Organised Search Engine : Application Related Crawler (ARC):



We have a customised search engine  and web crawler product which is customised for your organization needs. This is to overcome google search engine problems which does not fit for organisations to retrieve , search and decision making on the search results.

We also have a framework for this customised search engine and the product has been designed to perform with enterprise user’s specific needs.

Instances are running in Google Cloud and capable of scalability and reliability. 

2. Simple Task Manager (STM)

We have a mobile based Task Lister and it would allow you to set the priority of the tasks and change the task priorities on the fly.  The Product would focus on only 5 priorities. Team and Users can customise their priorities and Focus on the Productivity.

Instances would be running at Google Cloud Engine.