We focus on Simplicity , Productivity and Creativity. All our products are cloud based.



Why we need this product?

We have a customised browser bookmark site which can be used for your organization’s needs. Most of our search results are driven based on specific needs. But the needs are not tracked properly which leads to mindless browsing and searching for the same results more than once. Also browsers do not have the intelligence to address your needs and to help you track http/https links and tag it properly.

If you have a team and would like to keep the search data with in your organization, we also have a framework for browserbook.com that you can own and run as a cloud instance. 


Why we need this blog?

There are very limited resource materials avaliable on C++ based web applications on Google cloud. Most of the materials are heavily document oriented and does not explain how to do create and implement cloud instances in real time. So we have created video content on how to create C++ based web products in google cloud. The video tutorials are self explanatory and you can use the video materials and create your own C++ products in Google Cloud. Please check out www.browserbook.blog for more information.